So we went out on a trip two days ago and had some reports from a tug boat captain that there were some orcas in the Teakerne arm.
A couple of boats went out early and search but didn’t find anything, we went out at 2 pm and I had a gut feeling that they would be in a certain spot in Desolation Sound.

Calculating in my head I thought that the would be very close to where I was, while I was just thinking that a big orca fin pops up right next to us!

so I found them, really cool and of course very happy guests on board, we passed it on to our colleagues on the water and they turned around and were able to enjoy these guys as well

The T002C family again with their new born little baby, so cute!


we also had many other animals.


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So out on the water again the last couple of day’s were absolutely great!!

We had a great encounter with the T002C family and we have seen the newborn in their family for the first time, so awesome to see the small baby orca.
The baby seems to be doing well, great activity when she/he was swimming, lots of fat on the body and really great to see it hang out with the big brother!

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So today was our first day out on the water, still a bit chilly but really nice when we were on our way.

We went North via the narrows up into okisollo channel, we saw one of our captains riding the wave in his kayak, wish is really awesome to see.

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