Grizzly bear expedition

Grizzly Expedition Tour

Available from August 15th until October 15th

Departure time 09:30 am

Meeting time is 30 minutes prior to departure.

Travel in our comfortable and covered boat to Bute Inlet, to experience the best Grizzly bear expedition in British Columbia, guided by Marine Biology specialist Jos Krynen.

On land, we will board a comfortable passenger bus to reach amazing viewing platforms so that we can safely view grizzly bears in their natural habitat.

The majestic bald eagles are the first to spot the salmon as they make their way up the inlet to their spawning grounds. As the eagle’s feed, local grizzlies are drawn to the river by the smell of fish. Wild bears from other areas follow their noses to Bute Inlet, traversing mountain passes and swimming the waters. During our bear seasons, we have an average bear populating of around 40 different bears.

Guides from the Homalco First Nations will tour us through their bear stands and we will see the grizzlies fattening up for the winter. During our lunch, Jos will explain in detail about the life of a bear, supported with pictures and a replica bear skull.

On our journey, we will also have the opportunity to view black bears, wolves, deer, killer whales, humpback, gray, and minke whales as well as Pacific white-sided dolphins, porpoise, seals and Stellar sea-lions in their natural environment. This is a trip you won’t want to miss.

Included in the tour:

  • Grizzly Guarantee Program!
  • Lunch, drinks and snacks, allergy and dietary restrictions accommodated
  • Wildlife viewing
  • On board wildlife education
  • Gloves, hats, survival suits, sunscreen
  • On board Naturalist/Biology specialist
  • On board washrooms on all of our boats!

What to bring:

Extra clothing, wear enclosed footwear, a smile, and a sense of adventure!  You are welcome to bring your own camera.

Be aware:

Please understand that when we view wildlife and whales, we are guests and must follow a strict set of viewing guidelines in order to protect and respect their natural habitat. Yes, sometimes the whales do get close due to their behavior, but we never get close on purpose. In Canada, we cannot approach within 100 meters (110 yards).
For more information, take a look at our rules and guideline page.

$369 Per person (all guests must be over the age of 12)

All prices are excluding taxes. On all our tours there is a mandatory Destination Whale Heritage Site fee of $1 per person.


Eagle Eye Adventures wants you to see Grizzlies.

If we do not see a Grizzly on your tour with us between September 5th and October 5th then we will take you out again at no charge, on a stand-by basis, until we do see one.

Guarantee available to full fare paying Grizzly Bear Expedition clients. Nontransferable.