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Covid 19 Policy
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Eagle Eye Adventures COVID -19 policy

The health and safety of all staff and guests of Eagle Eye Adventures is our number one priority. The following policies and procedures have put in place in order to ensure

operating can be done with little risk to all.

1) All Staff is to complete an onetime health declaration form stating they agree to not come to work if:

  1. a) They have any symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, cough, shortness of breath

b) Have been in contact with COVID-19, another person with COVID-19, or a person suspected with COVID-19 and.


c) Have been traveling and are currently subject to a 14-day quarantine

2) All staff must familiarize themselves with the symptoms of COVID-19. A self-assessment tool can be found at:

3) All staff must report to their supervisor if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness and must not report to work.

4) Should any staff/crew members test positive for COVID-19, operators should report to Public Health and work with officials to assist with contact tracing as necessary.

5) A province-wide medical resource list will be available to staff including telephone numbers and websites addresses for key medical, mental health, and anti-bullying resources along with approved sources for COVID-19 information.

6) We will aim to keep the vessel crew on the same vessel throughout the day whenever possible. If staff changes are required, adequate time will be allowed for proper sanitization of the vessels including but not limited to: radios, telephones, microphones, handrails, doorknobs, helm area, etc.

7) Operators and staff may reserve the right to refuse service to any guest displaying symptoms of illness.

8) Approved cleaning methods and products certified by Health Canada or the British Columbia Ministry of Health will be used.

9) Staff is required to use fresh gloves, whenever handling cleaning products, emptying trash, and handling food service items. Gloves and masks will be made available to all staff.

Office Procedures

  • All surfaces are to be wiped down regularly and anytime a customer leave.
  • Masks must be worn by staff when 6 ft separation cannot be maintained.
  • A hand sanitizer station will be set up beside the front door as well as behind the desk for staff.
  • Front doors are to be left open during operating hours.
  • Trying on clothing will not be permitted.
  • Contactless payment should be used where possible – cash will be accepted when necessary.
  • A plexiglass barrier is placed on the front desk.
  • Markings on the floor will be applied to demonstrate appropriate physical distance for customers.
  • Only one family or household is permitted in the office at a time, max three people.
  • Staff will conduct a brief health questionnaire with all guests checking in that asks basic questions such as, “Have you experienced a recent cough, fever or other flu-like symptoms” This survey will be part of our waiver. If the guest completes the health questionnaire prior to arrival it will be important to update at check-in.
  • Contact information will be collected for all guests through our waiver and held for 30 days should contact tracing be necessary
  • Marina bathrooms are not maintained by our office staff but are accessible for use we will leave a key at the door for guests to use at their own discretion.

Food Services Procedures

  • One person will be responsible for all coffee or food handling.
  • Lunches will be individually packaged for each guest.
  • The temporary use of single-use coffee cups and water bottles will be implemented.
  • No food is to be self-served; the guide is to serve all food.
  • Appropriate PPE should be worn during food service, fresh gloves, and mask.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available prior to serving any food.

Suits and Gear Procedures

  • We will not be offering any goggles, toques or gloves on regular tours
  • In the event we do offer these items, they will be cleaned and left separately to sit for 12 hours in an Ozone cleaning environment, after use.
  • All suits will be Ozone cleaned for 12 hours after each use.
  • Staff will be given masks, eye protection, and gloves to wear when handling suits after the tour.
  • Each guest will be given a Buff Band to be worn as a mask.

Tour Procedures

  • Captains are to incorporate information regarding COVID-19 as part of safety talk prior to leaving the dock.
  • Captains are to wear mask and gloves while helping guests board, guests will board one at a time.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to guests on each vessel and should be used prior to boarding.
  • We will space guests out to the best of our ability on the boat.
  • There will be a buff band available to each guest for a small donation to WCA, this or a mask they supply themselves must be worn at all times during the tour if physical distancing is not possible. The nose and mouth must be covered.
  • Bathrooms will be closed for the 4-hour trips.
  • Departure times will be staggered to minimize the number of people at the office at a time.

After Tour Procedures

  • Guests will disembark one at a time
  • Guests will remove suits and pile on the map table at the seating area.
  • Staff will clean and hang up separate from not used suits.
  • Staff will clean and sanitize all surfaces of boats between every trip.
  • We keep guides on the same boat whenever possible.
  • All garbage will be sealed and thrown out.