Whale Watching Tours

Our fast boats get you out to the action quickly! Cruise in comfort as our experienced, friendly guides take you through Discovery Passage into Johnston Strait to view killer whales, in the world famous Robson Bight ecological reserve

Our Grizzly bear Expedition!

Go with us to have a day full of excitement. We will take you to the Holmalco Firts Nations reserve. There you go to see the grizzly bears in there natural habitat. Safe from within nice new build viewing stands

Ocean Rapids/ Wildlife tour

On your way to see black bear, cinnamon bear and perhaps grizzly you will experience some of the worlds most thrilling ocean rapids including “Devils Hole” and the “Aaron Rapids” (The Drain)

Quadra Sunset tour

The Quadra Sunset tour is our 2 -hour introductory Zodiac Tour. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to zip around on the Pacific Ocean and to see some of the local wildlife.

Grizzly Bear & Black Bear

Our guides know where the bears are… And they can take you up to the bears!! This  trip will take U out to the mainland inlets in search of early spring Grizzly and Black bears.    

Wild Water Adventure

Half-Day, Full-Day and Multi-Day River Rafting Tours.


Voted as one of the top 5 Canadian outdoor adventures, now a combination trip with Eagle Eye Adventures whale, or wildlife tour!

Swim with Salmon

Raft and Snorkel with Salmon In combination with a 4 hour wildlife tour or a full day whale watch tour with Eagle Eye Adventures.

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Get away to a place where you will find THE only item on your To-Do list is, to look out for the next whale or bear making a memorable appearance on their terms!




On Vancouver Island, you can immerse in our Wildlife. Everywhere on Vancouver Island is teeming with wildlife, creature’s great and small; the land up here still belongs to mother nature.

Our waterways are what we’re famous for the unique currents caused by ebbing and flooding tides charge a food chain that reaches from phytoplankton up through herring, salmon, dolphins, seals, orcas and humpback whales, among myriad other marine mammals and wildlife you’ll find in the straights and open waters surrounding the Discovery Islands.

From Campbell River, hop onto our boats and head out on the water off the Discovery Islands, Desolation sound, and sometimes the sunshine coast for a glimpse of a pod of orcas or a Humpback breaching the surface.

Porpoises and Dolphins can sometimes be seen playing in the wake of our boats. Above all, what we love about the wilderness here; it’s still wild. It’s why, no matter how far away we go, and we always come back.

It’s the greatest risk of coming here, you never want to leave!




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* GUARANTEE OF WHALE SIGHTINGS! (with the full day whale watch tour)



And if you give us a call, nobody beats our price in town!




We at Eagle Eye Adventures want you to see whales. We will go the extra distance for you to see them and won’t cut our trip short.


If we do not see a whale on your Whale Watch tour with us between July 12 and September 15 then we will take you out again at no charge, on a stand-by basis, until we do see one!


Guarantee applicable to full fare paying Whale Watch tour clients and is valid for 12 months. Non-transferable.




We at Eagle eye Adventures want you to see Grizzlies.
If we do not see a Grizzly on your tour with us between September 15th and October 15th then we will take you out again at no charge, on a stand-by basis, until we do see one!


Guarantee applicable to full fare paying Grizzly Tour clients and is valid for 12 months. Non-transferable.





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This post is also available in: Dutch, German