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Eagle Eye Adventures Reservation and Policies

Reserving Your Adventure

To secure your spot on any of our captivating marine safaris or expeditions, you can either contact our office at 1-250-286-0809 or conveniently make reservations through the booking button on our website.

Deposit and Payment

A 50% deposit per person is required for all trips other than same-day reservations, which must be paid in full before boarding the vessel. Rest assured, when you book, a 10% discount on the tour price will be automatically applied. We accept VISA or MASTERCARD for seamless booking. Please note that taxes are not included in the tour price.

Tour Details

Tour times are approximate, and we retain the right to cancel or modify any trip due to factors such as weather conditions, tides, or unforeseen circumstances. Rates and departure schedules are subject to change without prior notice, so we recommend contacting us in advance to confirm any changes.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations made by customers up to 48 hours before departure, a 10% cancellation fee of the full booking price applies. Cancellations made within 48 hours of departure result in a 100% cancellation fee. If we cancel the tour due to weather conditions or mechanical issues, you will receive a full refund. We'll make every effort to reschedule or assist you in finding an alternative tour if necessary. Eagle Eye Adventures reserves the right to substitute vessels, alter departure times, and adjust the tour's duration as needed.

Gift Certificates

Our gift certificates make for fantastic birthday or holiday gifts. You can select a specific package or a dollar amount that can be used for any package of the recipient's choice. We will send the gift certificate in an attractive presentation folder along with our current brochure. Please note that gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.

Raincheck Guarantee

While we cannot guarantee whale sightings on every tour, Eagle Eye Adventures boasts a sightings success rate of over 95% for whale watching tours throughout the season. If you join us on a Whale Watching Tour and do not spot a whale, we'll provide you with a rain check ticket, allowing you to join another tour free of charge. These rain check tickets never expire and can be used on the same day, in the same year, or even decades later. Availability for rain check bookings is subject to Transport Canada capacity requirements and mandatory staffing levels, and seats can be confirmed 30 minutes prior to departure.

Miscellaneous Policies

Alcohol and Drugs

The consumption of alcohol, illegal substances, and smoking are strictly prohibited prior to or during your activity with us. Any individual who consumes alcohol or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances before departure will be denied access to the vessel. Refunds or alternative dates will not be arranged, and the final decision rests with the Captain or management.


Outdoor adventures involve inherent risks, and we prioritize safety. Our staff will provide a safety orientation before each voyage, and it's crucial to follow their guidance. All customers must sign our waiver before departure.

Please note the following additional information:

  • Fuel surcharges may apply.
  • Seats booked as part of a deal must be used at the booked time; no refunds are provided for unused seats.
  • Children's pricing is applicable for ages 3 to 14 years old.

We hope this enhances your understanding of Eagle Eye Adventures' reservation and policies. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of our team members. We are committed to making your adventure with us safe, enjoyable, and memorable.

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