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Answers to our most frequently asked questions.
What type of tours do you offer?

- 4-hour Whale and Wildlife Tours

‍- 6-hour Whale Watching Tours

- Full Day Grizzly Bear Expedition

- Sunset Tours

- Eagle Show Tour

- Spring Bear & Waterfall Tour

How can we tip the tour guides?

Our passionate captains and knowledgeable naturalists are dedicated to providing exceptional tours that showcase the wonders of our marine life and surrounding areas. To show your appreciation for their expertise and commitment to your experience, we suggest a gratuity of 10% of the tour cost.

After your tour, you can conveniently tip using cash or a debit/credit card in our office. Thank you for supporting our team!

What’s the difference between a 4-hour tour and a 6-hour tour?

The more time we have the bigger our range is, with the 6-hour tour we do have the luxury to travel a bit further then with the 4-hour. Our Focus is Whales, we will show you as much as possible when we are on the water, looking for Bears on the shoreline, Bald Eagles, Dolphins. On our 4 hour tour we simply do not have the time to go as far as on the 6-hour.

At what age are kids allowed on the boats?

We have a minimum age of three years old; we find it not safe to have small children on a moving vessel, there are no seatbelts to strap a child seat in. For the Grizzly bear tour the minimum age is 10 years, that is a Klahoose First Nations regulation.

How accessible are the boats?

We will always do our very best to accommodate everyone that wants a memorable tour with us, sometimes it’s challenging to get in and out of the zodiacs. The covered boat is specially built for this reason, we want everyone to be able to join us, so it possible to roll on roll off the boat, only thing needed is that you can move from the wheelchair to the boat chair. Either we take the chair with us or leave it behind, the captain will always park the boat so that everyone can see what is going on outside.

Are there washrooms on the boats?

Yes, we do have washrooms on all our boats, the zodiac’s have it under the steering cabin. The Covered boat has a big washroom with an entrance at the back deck.

What is included in the tours?

When we go out on the longer tours we include Lunch, Snacks and Drinks. On the 4-hour tour we have Snacks and drinks. We will try to accommodate every food allergy or restriction, please take your own if you do not find the right option for you, we will give you a small discount. Always dress warmly, yes, even on a warm day, it might be colder on the water. We will hand you a survival suit, against the cold. These suits are NOT water resistant. On a rainy day bring your rain gear please. All boats are transport Canada Approved, and all our guides are naturalist or Marine Biologist Specialists. 

What can we bring on the boat?

We recommend Binoculars, camera gear (optional with a dry bag), sunscreen, sunglasses, extra snacks if needed. A reusable drink bottle is a great option, we can fill it for you, and we keep the plastic out of the landfill.

What is the best to wear for clothing?

Layers are the best, make sure you have extra layers, it might get cold on the water, closed toe shoes, no flip flops please. Sunscreen and sunglasses, gloves and toque, on the colder days.

Which time is the best to go on a tour, in the morning or afternoon?

That is a difficult question, both have advantages, in the morning we might see Animals (mostly Orca) that are moving at a high speed, so they might be out of Range in the afternoon. Most times we have more boats on the water and have a good idea were the wildlife is all tour operators are working together in Campbell River and we even have our own GPS app where we can mark wildlife sightings.

What is the best time to see Orcas and/or Humpback Whales?

The Transient Orcas are always around; they do move but the longest stretch we had without any orcas is 7 days. The Residential Orcas are coming more and more to our region, they are following the fish. Humpback whales are around from May to the end of October.

What is the best time to see grizzly bears?

We start our tours at the end of August until October, we go all the way to the end of Toba Inlet with our partner, Klahoose Coastal Adventures.

Do we need to walk a lot on the Grizzly Bear tour?

There is a tiny bit of walking involved, and some stairs to be climbed, to get into the towers, but we park the bus as close as possible to the towers, and walking might be at the most about 100 meters (we sometimes walk between two towers).

Why should we choose you instead of other companies in Campbell River?

We are the first in the world certified responsible whale watching company, accredited by the World Cetacean Alliance. All our boats are transport Canada Approved, so is our staff as well. We provide a high standard service with a big educational component. All our staff are naturalists or Marine Biology Specialists.

Do you offer dietary accommodations?

Of course! We work with local bakeries and suppliers to provide you with a delicious lunch or snack, depending on your trip. Please let us know if you have food allergies or require dietary accommodations during your booking.

What is your cancellation policy?

For cancellations made by customers up to 48 hours before departure, a 10% cancellation fee of the full booking price applies. Cancellations made within 48 hours of departure result in a 100% cancellation fee. If we cancel the tour due to weather conditions or mechanical issues, you will receive a full refund. We'll make every effort to reschedule or assist you in finding an alternative tour if necessary. Eagle Eye Adventures reserves the right to substitute vessels, alter departure times, and adjust the tour's duration as needed.

What should I wear on the Covered Boat?

Guests should bring a sweater with them in case of cooler weather on the viewing deck. During the summer months (Mid-June to late August) a t-shirt and shorts are recommended. On cooler days or evening trips and during the Spring and Fall (April to mid-June and September to October) we recommend long sleeve shirt and pants with a sweater and/or jacket. A snug-fitting toque and/or light gloves are recommended on windy days and during the Fall. Closed-toed shoes are required for all trips.

What should I wear on the Zodiac?

During the summer months (Mid-June to late August) a t-shirt and pants are recommended. Guests should bring a sweater with them in case of cooler weather. On cooler days or evening trips and during the Spring and Fall (April to mid-June and September to October) we recommend guests dress in layers with a minimum of a long sleeve shirt and pants with a sweater and/or jacket, a snug-fitting toque, and light gloves. Closed-toed shoes are required for all trips.

What should I bring?

Along with your sense of adventure, we recommend guests bring a water bottle, tight-fitting hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and closed-toed shoes. If you have a camera, bring extra batteries or memory cards with you!

Why does Eagle Eye require a phone number for every guest booking?

It is important that we be able to reach our guests directly and in a timely manner to provide a great guest experience! By providing a phone number, we can call guests if tour conditions change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Eagle Eye may adjust tour departure times to accommodate better weather or wildlife viewing.

Why is the covered boat not always available?

Our covered boat is used during the summer months for our 6-hour whale watching tours and grizzly bear tours during the Fall. If the boat is not booked for another tour, it may occasionally be available for our 4-hour wildlife tours during our operating season

What is a whale or grizzly bear conservation fee?

Eagle Eye Adventures has implemented a bear and whale conservation fee per person. This conservation fee is donated to non-profit organizations that focus on the conservation and protection of wildlife and their environments. This fee applies to all guest purchases of any wildlife or private tour.

What is a fuel surcharge fee?

A 10% fuel surcharge fee is collected with each tour purchase to cover the rising costs of fuel associated with changing gas prices throughout the season.

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