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Established in 2000, Eagle Eye's inception aimed to deliver extraordinary adventure tours. Over time, we have flourished into a premier wildlife tour operator in British Columbia.
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Canada's Premier Whale Watching And Wildlife Tour Operator

The knowledgeable and amicable naturalist guides of Eagle Eye Adventures are prepared to accompany you to breathtaking locations where you can witness a variety of wildlife. This remarkable experience might encompass sightings of transient Orcas, humpback and minke whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, porpoises, sea lions, seals, black bears, cinnamon bears, and even the possibility of encountering grizzly bears. We proudly hold a position among the leading adventure tour companies, specializing in Wildlife Adventure Tours and Bear Tours on Vancouver Island. Join us in a realm where you can create lasting memories as whales and bears grace us with their presence on their own terms, thriving in their natural habitats!

Meet the Team

We are a team of passionate marine enthusiasts who are committed to sharing our expertise with our valued customers, all while ensuring an enjoyable experience.

Jos Krynen

President & Co-Owner

Jos Krynen, owner and captain of Eagle Eye Adventures, leads renowned wildlife and whale watching tours. His passion for marine life and commitment to conservation create unforgettable experiences. With exceptional navigational skills, Jos offers unique opportunities to witness majestic creatures up close. His warm personality fosters a welcoming and educational atmosphere, while promoting responsible interactions. Eagle Eye Adventures excels under Jos's guidance, providing extraordinary ocean experiences.

Rentia Krynen

Administration & Co-Owner

Rentia Krynen, co-owner of Eagle Eye Adventures, is instrumental in the company's success. Her passion for wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship is evident in their sustainable practices. Rentia's organizational skills ensure extraordinary guest experiences. With a warm and inclusive nature, she fosters a sense of belonging. Thanks to Rentia's dedication, Eagle Eye Adventures thrives, offering unforgettable wildlife encounters and inspiring appreciation for the natural world.

Penny vanDyke

Guest Services & Photographer

Penny vanDyke, a valuable member of Eagle Eye Adventures, serves in an guest services position and photographer. Her passion for wildlife photography enriches the experience for guests and colleagues. With attention to detail, Penny handles administrative tasks smoothly. Her stunning photographs inspire a deeper appreciation for nature and conservation. As a floater, she provides flexible assistance, ensuring seamless operations. Penny's love for wildlife and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Justine Charollais


Justine Charollais, a newcomer to the captain's role at Eagle Eye Adventures, brings fresh perspective and vibrant energy. Hailing from Lyon, France, her love for adventure and the sea shines through. Justine's enthusiasm and eagerness to learn contribute to her growth as a captain. Her unwavering passion for the ocean and wildlife conservation adds depth to her role. Justine's adaptability and ability to connect with diverse guests enhance the onboard experience. With dedication and a willingness to embrace challenges, she becomes an integral part of the Eagle Eye Adventures family. Her journey promises exciting adventures and memorable encounters with the natural world.

Brian Shaw


Brian Shaw is an experienced boat captain and guide specializing in whale, bear, and wildlife watching. With a deep respect for the marine environment, Brian connects people with the breathtaking beauty of these majestic creatures and the wild coast of Desolation Sound. His extensive knowledge ensures unforgettable encounters for guests as he navigates with safety and conservation in mind. Brian's passion for the natural world educates visitors about protecting these remarkable species and ecosystems. From the Emerald Islands to Georgia Strait, Brian Shaw offers an immersive experience, fostering appreciation for these remarkable creatures and habitats.

Benji Bridle


Benji Bridle, a management student from Quadra Island, has become a new captain at Eagle Eye Adventures. With strong organizational and leadership skills, Benji brings a fresh perspective to his role. His commitment to exceptional customer service ensures a memorable experience for guests. Benji combines his academic knowledge with a passion for nature, striving to create educational and sustainable adventures. He promotes responsible tourism practices and marine conservation. With Benji at the helm, Eagle Eye Adventures thrives, promising exciting and environmentally conscious journeys for all.

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