Grizzly Bear Expedition

Explore the stunning First Nation territory guided by the Klahoose First Nations and Eagle Eye Adventures.
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Grizzly Bear Expedition


Departure Time

7:45 AM


August 31st - October 15th

Tour Length

8 Hours

For 25 years, Toba Inlet lay dormant, its logging roads abandoned, and the valley left to the whims of nature. Only in recent years have adventurers returned to this breathtaking valley. Just six kilometers up the forestry road lies a pristine turquoise tributary river to the main Toba River. Each fall, this river teems with salmon, drawing Grizzly bears down from the mountains to feast. Klahoose Coastal Adventures aims to offer an intimate experience to a select few guests to witness this captivating fall spectacle.

After a two-hour boat voyage along Toba Inlet, with its towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls, our team of seasoned guides will join forces with the Klahoose First Nation guides. They will extend a warm Coast Salish welcome at the head of the Inlet.

We will transport you up the valley via forestry roads to the bear viewing sites along this river. There are four new bear viewing platforms strategically positioned along the river, granting you the privilege of observing the majestic Toba Inlet Grizzly Bears as they engage in their fall ritual of indulging in the returning salmon.

Small Tour Groups for Habitat Serenity: Our Grizzly bear excursions into the Toba valley are limited to groups of 12 people or fewer, ensuring minimal impact on the bears' habitat. We are all visitors in their domain, and we take great care to respect their environment.

At Eagle Eye Adventures, we are deeply committed to sharing our knowledge and passion with all who visit this remarkable area. Our tour will be led by highly enthusiastic guides, among the finest on the coast, who engage with our guests throughout the journey.

Our Grizzly bear knowledge presentation spans approximately an hour, featuring visual materials that elucidate the development of bears and provide educational insights into these incredible creatures.

What's Included in the Tour:

  • Lunch, beverages, and snacks, with accommodations for allergies and dietary preferences
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Onboard wildlife education
  • Expert onboard Naturalist/Biologist
  • Onboard washrooms available on all our vessels

What to Bring:

  • Extra clothing and rain gear
  • Enclosed footwear (hiking shoes preferred)
  • A smile and a sense of adventure
  • You are welcome to bring your own camera and binoculars

Please Note:

  • We showcase wildlife in their natural habitat and do not feed the bears. Therefore, we cannot predict or guarantee the number of bears you will encounter.
  • Tripods are prohibited, but monopods are allowed.
  • Perfume is not allowed on this trip, but deodorant is acceptable.
  • Space and availability are limited.


Eagle Eye Adventures is committed to ensuring you see Grizzlies. If we do not spot a Grizzly on your tour with us between September 5th and October 1st, we will take you out again at no additional charge, on a stand-by basis, until a sighting occurs. This guarantee is available to full-fare paying Grizzly Bear Expedition clients and is non-transferable.


  • $459.00 per person (children must be over the age of 12)


For a trip to proceed, a minimum of 4 guests must be booked. In the event that this requirement is not met, the trip may be subject to cancellation or rescheduling.

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What Adventurers Are Saying

A few of the many of our happy customers
What a wonderful adventure we had - from the 2 hour boat ride each way to the 4 hours spent viewing the bears! Captain Jos was very informative, competent and friendly.
Trip Advisor User
Seattle, WA
A tremendous day out, with added humpbacks, steller seal, bald eagle, and elk to fill the grizzly free moments.
Trip Advisor User
London, UK
We had a truly awesome time on our recent day long bear watching trip. We had planned our Canadian trip to coincide with the salmon run to see the bears!
Trip Advisor User
Straford Upon Avon
This company is staffed by passionate, ethical and enthusiastic people. My husband and I would go out with them again in a heartbeat!
Trip Advisor User
Bar Harbor, ME
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