Whale Watching Tour

Available from May 1st until September 30
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Departure time 10:00 and or 11:00 am

Meeting time is 30 minutes prior to departure.

We are proud to lead the industry in sightings with a 99.9% success rate! (check out our Whale Guarantee Program!) Our full-day Whale Watching Tour is the most comprehensive whale & wildlife tour available in the industry!

Eagle Eye Adventures is motivated to provide our guests with more than just a ‘look at the whales’. Cruise in comfort. Our tour boats are Transport Canada approved, with onboard washrooms.

On our journey, we will also have an opportunity to view humpback, gray, and minke whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, porpoise, seals, and sea lions, in their natural environment.

Eagle Eye Adventures team members are excited to share everything Mother Nature has to offer. With every departure, we go above and beyond – maximizing guest satisfaction.

Included in the Tour:

  • Lunch, drinks, and snacks; allergy and dietary restrictions accommodated.
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Onboard wildlife education
  • Gloves, hats, survival suits,(zodiac only).
  • Onboard Naturalist/Biology specialist
  • Onboard washrooms on all of our boats!
  • Hydrophone—So you can listen to the whales!

What to bring:

Extra clothing, wear enclosed footwear, a smile, and a sense of adventure!

You are welcome to bring your own camera, and binoculars.

Be Aware:

Please understand that when we view wildlife and whales, we are guests and must follow a strict set of viewing guidelines in order to protect and respect their natural habitat. Yes, sometimes the whales do get close due to their behavior, but we never get close on purpose. In Canada, we cannot approach within 200 meters, for Orcas, and 100 meters for the Humpback Whales, and 200 meters when the humpback moms have a baby with them.

For more information, take a look at our rules and guideline page.


Eagle Eye Adventures wants you to see whales. We will go the extra distance for you to see them and won’t cut the trip short.

If we do not see a whale on your full-day tour with us between May 1st – October 15th then we will take you out again at no charge, on a stand-by basis, until we do see one.

Guarantee applies to full-fare paying full day Whale Watch Tour clients.

Zodiac $209 for adults $179 for children (under the age of 14)

Covered Boat $229 for adults $199 for children (under the age of 14)

*Covered boat available until August 30, or upon request.

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